This is a Colony Green Condominiums market activity report for May 2017. This report is comprised of statistical data extracted from May 1st through May 31, 2017 from our local Multiple Listing Service (“MLS”) as of June 1, 2017.

C Unit in the Colony Green Condo Community

Colony Green Condos Market Activity for May 2017

There are currently two pending sales that will most likely be reported in the June report. 

There were three reported closed sale in the Colony Green Community in May 2017 as follows:

A “C Unit” which is the townhome style center unit. This is a 3 bedroom 1,260 square feet condo with 1 full bathroom and a half bath downstairs. The MLS reports it listed at $575,000 on March 20, 2017.  The MLS also shows that it went under contract on the same day.  The MLS reported the sale closed on May 3, 2017.  Reported closed sale price was $580,000. Buyer had FHA financing. MLS notes the Seller took a preemptive offer. That means that the seller accepted an offer prior to listing the home on the MLS.  

A “B Unit” which is the downstairs end unit which has 2 bedrooms, 1 bathroom, 942 square feet. It listed on March 31, 2017 at $520,000. It went under contract on April 5, 2017 and closed on May 5, 2017. Reported closed sale price was $530,000. The buyer had conventional financing.  

A”D Unit” which is the townhome style end unit. This is a 2 bedroom 1,294 square feet condo with 2 full bathrooms and a half bath downstairs. It listed on May 14, 2017. List Price $565,000. It was reported pending or under contract on May 15, 2017. The reported sales price May 16, 2017 was $580,000. MLS indicates the condo was sold off market. It was entered into the MLS for comp purposes only.  

The Colony Green community is located in Blossom Valley in San Jose, CA. The community is across the street from Martial Cottle Park on the Chynoweth side of the park. It continues to be a desirable and still affordable place to live.

If you miss out on the condos listed for sale in the Colony Green Condo community you may want to search other condos for sale in Blossom Valley.

The market data for the Colony Green Condo Community, as well as the details of each individual sale, tell a story. Yet, the data does not tell the whole story. It is common for sales prices to vary depending on the size, location, and renovations completed, or not completed. I strongly believe marketing plays a huge role in the sales price as well. Quality photos are an important component to effective marketing. Keeping a home listed active for at least 7 days before accepting an offer means more people can see the home and likely spark multiple offers. This of course depends on market conditions relating to supply and demand. Colony Green Condos continue to be in high demand.

Condo living is lifestyle living. Buyers are advised to make informed buying decisions by knowing the rules and restrictions of a condo association before deciding to buy a condo. Some associations are more restrictive than others. Knowing what homeowners can and cannot do is essential before deciding to purchase a condominium.

While roosters are not allowed in the City of San Jose, and certainly not allowed in the community, Colony Green does have a resident rooster which I have affectionately named, Mr. Green Jeans.  You can read about Mr. Green Jeans in my most recent post Mr. Green Jeans The Colony Green Rooster.  I do hope to rescue him and take him to a sanctuary in Clayton. 

If you are considering listing your Condo for sale, a word of caution regarding online Home Value requests. Best practice dictates that a local real estate professional visit your home, ask a lot of questions, and then provide a current market value. We do not use an Automated Valuation Model (“AVM”) of homes.

Let’s chat. I’ll explain my documented approach to listing a home for sale and what I will do get your condo sold quickly and net you more money from the sale. It is also important that sellers understand their disclosure duties under Civil Code § 4525 and know why it is important to get an HOA Document Compliance Review.

If you would like more detailed information about the Colony Green Condo community in Blossom Valley contact me at 408.972.1822. No one knows the Colony Green Condo Community better than Kathleen Daniels. I am an original owner and I live here.

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