Most, if not all, residents of the Colony Green Condominium Community have heard a rooster crowing in the early morning hours and perhaps throughout the day, depending on where he happens to be hanging out.  The photo below was taken from my kitchen window.

Mr. Green Jeans of Colony Green

I have affectionately named the rooster Mr. Green Jeans. It certainly seems fitting given that Colony Green is serving as his home, at least temporarily.  

Rooster at Colony Green

Although I never saw the other rooster, which reportedly was red, Mr. Green Jeans continues his residency in the community. No telling what happened to his red-feathered friend. 

I’ve made numerous attempts to catch him so that I can take him to a 37 acre sanctuary in Clayton, CA.  I even purchased a live trap hoping that would work.  Nope.  Mr. Green Jeans actually walked into it and stepped over the plate that triggers the door shut, ate the food and exited in the same manner.  He is one smart rooster.  

Some neighbors have commented on NextDoor about being awakened by the rooster crowing.  I happen to be awake long before he crows so it does not bother me.  While I have grown attached to him, and enjoy taking photos and videos, my heart knows he does not belong here.  He deserves to be with a flock of other birds. The short video clip below was taken at about 4:00 pm on June 8, 2017. It was taken from my patio.  He does not stay around long when he sees me. Within seconds of noticing me, he was running across Colony Knoll Drive to the other side of the complex. 

I provide hen scratch and water for the little guy.  I spy on him almost daily feeding and drinking fresh water.  I will never give up with my quest to rescue him and take him to a forever home where he can live his life with other chickens.  

I am an independent real estate broker and a resident of Colony Green.  While I am not a rooster-wrangler by trade, and I am challenged with rescuing Mr. Green Jeans, there is no disputing I have the skills, knowledge and experience to sell your home in Colony Green.

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