The First Annual Spring Celebration at Martial Cottle Park takes place on Saturday, May 6, 2017. The celebration begins at 10:00 am and ends at 3:00 pm. 

  • Admission is Free
  • Parking is $6.00

Martial Cottle park is located in Blossom Valley San Jose.  The physical address is 5283 Snell Avenue, San Jose, CA 95136.  The main entrance to the park is located off Snell between Branham Lane and Chynoweth Avenue. 

Tower at Martial Cottle Park in Blossom Valley

Martial Cottle park brings together the Valley of Heart’s Delight agricultural past, present and future!  The land was owned and farmed by the Cottle family for over 150 years.  

The Spring Celebration is guaranteed to offer entertainment for all ages.  Who does not like music? There will be live music. Arts, crafts and food is also on the menu. 

Spring is here. Spring means gardening. Come to the Spring Celebration and see the spring planting activities, participate in the garden workshops and gardening demonstrations. 

Technology is here to stay. Technology automates so many things today, including farming. I don’t know about you but I enjoy looking at vintage farm equipment. It certainly provides me with added appreciation for the food I consume.  Farmers work very hard to plant, grow and harvest food. In addition to seeing vintage farm equipment there will also be vintage and antique autos on display as well. 

Fun for kids.  There will be plenty of activities for the kids including crafts and meeting farm animals up close and personal. 

Organic Food. For those who appreciate and demand organic food there is fresh organic produce available for sale. Jacobs Farm has been producing organic produce for years.  Take a tour of Jacobs Farm. 

Residence of the Lester Cottle Family Farm

The above photo is the family residence. Walter Cottle Lester, who donated the land, was born in the home on July 7, 1925.  He also passed away in the home at age 88 on January 31, 2014. I have driven by the land and the home for many years. I frequently saw Walter entering and exiting the front entrance gate.  I’ve always wanted to see the inside of the home. I look forward to being able to tour it. 

There is so much history in the home and the land that was farmed by Cottle family for over 150 years. Today, residents near and far get to enjoy the walking trails, fresh organic produce, and so much more because of the generosity of Walter Cottle Lester.  What a legacy! 

If you have not visited Martial Cottle Park you owe it to yourself to do so. If you can’t make it to the celebration on May 6th then visit anytime between sunrise and sunset. The trails are dog friendly. The open space and scenery is something I enjoy and treasure.  I’ve lived very close to the land and park since 1984. Residents of the Colony Green Condo Community and residents in the surrounding single family homes enjoy the park within walking distance of their home. 

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