Let me understand you correctly … you have an agent and YOU are calling me about my listing?

YOU, Mr. Buyer want to know:

1. Is the property vacant?

2. Is it a short sale?

3. How many days have home been on the market?

4. How many loans on the property?

5. Will the bank approve at that price?

6. Does it have a lockbox?

7. When can I get in to see the inside?

You said you have an agent – is that right?

Yes, I have agent.

I’m curious, Mr. Buyer: Why is it that you are calling me and NOT talking to your agent?

  • If you have an agent then you need to have this conversation with your agent.
  • Your agent needs to step up and represent you.
  • Your agent has access to the information you want … the information is all contained in the MLS.
  • If you want disclosures, your agent will need to follow the instructions in the MLS and send me an email requesting the access code. We only send disclosure codes to agents.
  • If your agent has any questions, then your agent can call me and we will discuss agent to agent. Does that make sense Mr. Buyer?

I would be happy to help you Mr. Buyer. In order for me to do so you will first need to decide if you want to work with a real professional who is committed to serving you. After all Mr. Buyer, if your agent is not working for you then you need to seriously consider why you have chosen to work for your agent.

If you want me to work for you Mr. Buyer, then you will need to fire the agent who is not serving you and hire me.

You decide Mr. Buyer and let me know – OK?

KD Realty

Certified San Jose Short Sale Specialist

Copyright © 2010, All Rights Reserved by Kathleen Daniels

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