San Jose Home Sellers – How does your listing agent manage your home for sale?

My job and duty as a San Jose listing agent is to list and sell the property. If all I do is list the property and pray for someone to fax me an offer … then I have failed miserably at my job and my duty to the San Jose home sellers.

I will do whatever it takes to help a buyers’ agent get their clients’ offer to me so that I can present the offer to my client, the sellers. If a buyers’ agent wants to present an offer to me in person, I failed at my job representing the sellers if I tell the buyers’ agent to fax the offer, or email the offer because I am just too busy. I frequently hear this from listing agents.

If your listing agent is just too busy to spend 15 minutes to allow the buyers agent to present their buyers’ offer in person then you undoubtedly hired the wrong agent to list your San Jose home.

It would be arrogant, presumptuous and just plain lazy of me to assume anything about why the agent wants to present in person. Frankly, it does not matter. It’s an offer … and it is my job to do whatever it takes to receive all offers.


If your listing agent is just too busy to meet with a buyers’ agent in person to present their clients’ offer then you may quite possibly be missing the best offer ever!

San Jose Home Sellers: Can you afford to hire an agent who limits how they receive offers on your behalf?  Of course not!

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