As an independent San Jose real estate broker I face challenges daily in my business and frequently in my life. After all, I am human.  I take great pride in calling myself a “misfit” because I am not like most real estate agents. I don’t count myself among the masses of real estate agents for a reason.  

I am a protector

I get chills in my body as I listen to retired navy SEAL, Jocko Willink’s motivational podcast.



On a “good” day (no pun intended) all days are truly good, I roll with the crap (anything of extremely poor quality) that flows down the river of life and the river of life in my San Jose real estate business. 

There is no way to avoid the “bad”, “unwanted” and “unexpected” things that happen in life, or in business.  How boring would life be if it were “perfect” all of the time?

Seriously, without the “bad” how would we ever know what “good” is like?

How would we know we do not like chocolate ice cream if all we’ve ever eaten is vanilla? 

It’s the experiences of contrast that help us isolate what we like and want, and what we don’t like and don’t want.

On days when an avalanche of “bad” falls on me, I know it is time for me to step back and ponder … What is the lesson here?  How can I grow from this?

Mother Teresa and Gandhi I am not.  Admittedly, there are times when I dig in my heels and metaphorically kick and scream … “I don’t want to deal with this!!” There is nothing like dealing with the death of a family member or friend or fighting one’s own personal battle with cancer when an avalanche of more “bad” falls. I know from experience that there are lessons in all of “it” and that I become an even stronger person having managed my way through it.

There are actually times I do say “good” when “bad” happens in real estate because I know what I need to do to protect sellers who hire me to list their San Jose home for sale.

You’ve heard the expression … “the best defense is a good offense” right?  I apply this strategy in my San Jose real estate business. My documented process, and value based approach to real estate, is vastly different working with sellers than when I am representing a buyer.

Much of the “bad” and “wrong” that comes my way is the result of untrained, unethical and charlatan agents. Knowing how to play a great defense and a great offense means I have the power and ability to protect my clients from being harmed by them.

Thankfully, being a protector in real estate is not anything like being a Navy Seal.  Because I come from a military family I find the analogy fitting for my business. I am prepared to fight and protect nonetheless. My mindset and attitude about life and business means that I will always find the “Good” in everything.

In a perfect world, everything runs smoothly.  I work to ensure a drama free and seamless transaction. I have yet to face a challenge I could not overcome or an issue that I could not resolve.

I am amazed at the stories that many of my clients tell me about the “last” agent they worked with.  It is unfortunate that anyone would ever have a “bad” experience with a real estate agent … yet it happens … a lot. It is a fact that bad things happens everywhere in life and in business.  

When people have a bad experience with a real estate agent, it affords me the opportunity to give my client an exceptional experience. I see it as making “good” in my business and in life. You need not take my word for it. Read my client testimonials.

There is a way to avoid bad things happening when selling a San Jose Home. It starts with homeowners doing their homework before hiring just any agent. With me, it starts with a consultation. Contact me so we can get the process started.