In my post San Jose CA Water Damage and Water Restoration Services I made reference to sheet rock work that was performed by Sean Silva of Silva Custom Construction. 

Following the demolition or tear out from the water damage to my San Jose CA home, I was more than ready to start the reconstruction. After call, I had spent 9 days living in an extended stay hotel and was ready to get my home and life back to normal.   I was surprised when I received the invoice for the tear out performed by Silva Custom Construction on behalf of Immediate Response Restoration and equally surprised shocked to see the invoice for the installation of sheet rock which is outlined below.


  • Haul debris – per pickup truck load – including dump fees                                     $77.47
  • Cleaning Technician – per hour @ 1 hour                                                            $41.52
  • Content Manipulation charge – per hour                                                               $24.25

One small problem:

  • No debris was hauled – most of the debris was hauled during the tear out from the water damage.
  • Even then, not all debris was hauled.  I still have some carpet, sink and vanity in my garage.
  • There was no cleaning technician … no cleaning was done whatsoever. 
  • There was no content to manipulate – everything had already been moved by my plumber.

Laundry Room:

  • Washing Machine – remove and reset                                                                   $134.93
  • Dryer – remove and reset                                                                                     $ 43.19
  • Drywall Installer / Finisher per hour  @2 hours                                                        $ 94.32
  • To repair missing drywall (no tape, mud or texture). Materials included   

One small problem:

  • The contractor did not remove or reset the washer and dryer.  My plumber removed the washer and dryer the night the backup occurred. 
  • The day the sheet rock work was completed, Sean Silva refused to connect the washing machine and reset the dryer.
  • He asked me “who removed them?”  I told him my plumber.
  • His response was “you need to have whoever removed them replace them.”
  • I called my plumber and paid $100 to have them reset.
  • I find the fact that Sean Silva flat out refused to touch the washer and dryer and then had the audacity to bill me for doing so is absolutely unconscionable.


  • Drywall Installer / Finisher per hour @ 1 hour                                                         $ 94.32
    • To repair missing drywall (no tape, mud or texture). Materials included   

 One small problem:

  •  I piece of sheet rock 3 feet by 2 feet – 1 hour? This does not equate to time billed for the laundry room


  • Drywall Installer / Finisher per hour @ 2 hours                                                     $188.64
    • To repair missing drywall (no tape, mud or texture). Materials included   

Contractor, Sean Silva would not reset the toilet either.  I was told I need to have my plumber do it.  Hey, at least he did not attempt to charge me for it! He did such a bad job on two cuts that the person I hired to complete the work had to remove and replace the sheet rock on two walls.


10% for overhead was added to the bill

10% for profit was added to the bill

Total bill $835.12

The day Sean Silva did the sheet rock he was onsite working less than two hours.  He could not finish the work because he forgot to load the insulation on his truck.  There was one section in the laundry room that was left unfinished.  He would have to return with the insulation on another day to complete. Needless to say, this is at an inconvenience to this San Jose homeowner.

A total of 4 hours were billed for drywall installation and it took 2 hours to complete. 

At $94.32 per hour @ 2 hours = $188.64 in actual work done for which I was charged $835.12.

Adding 10% for overhead and 10% for profit (I am not sure what the difference is here – both seem to be a rip-off to me) that would bring the total to $226.37.  That means I was over charged $608.75. 

I addressed this with management at Immediate Response Restoration and advised that I would not be utilizing Sean Silva to complete any additional work because not only did he fail to provide me with a written estimate for all repairs, as he promised to do, I certainly do not want to work with a company that has a business practice of inflating invoices with work that was not completed. 

Dan Hartwell, President of Immediate Response Restoration advised during our conference call on Friday, 11-118-2011 that Sean came to them from the Construction industry; he has only been working with them for 6 months; and he has not figured out how to use the Exactimate software.  Sean Silva had not reviewed the invoice. 

Seriously?  If he is still learning the software then the time to review and revise an invoice is BEFORE it is sent to the San Jose homeowner with a demand for payment. Dan Hartwell advised that his V P made the executive decision to waive all charges for the sheet rock installation.  I can assure everyone that I spent far more than $226.37 of my time in attempting to work the cast of characters in unraveling their dishonestly and lack of integrity. I also paid someone else to redo two pieces in the bathroom.

I’m still waiting for a corrected sheet rock invoice reflecting zero balance due.  Homeowners Beware! This matters must be addressed and finalized or we risk an unscrupulous company placing a lien on our property.  If a company is willing to inflate their invoices then the company is likely willing to do anything else that may cause harm to a homeowner. 

Not Recommended

This San Jose Homeowner and San Jose Real Estate Agent gives two thumbs down to Sean Silva of Silva Custom Construction and Immediate Response Restoration.

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