No Loan Approval Letter – No Proof of Funds: No Showings – No Exceptions


I’m am receiving more and more calls on my San Jose Homes for Sale.

Most of the conversations share one common theme.  I don’t have an agent. I want to work with the listing agent. When can I see the home?

My response: Do you have a loan approval letter?

Caller: Yes.

My response: Great. Send it to me with your proof of funds showing that you actually have the money to make the purchase and I’ll be happy to have one of my buyer’s agents show you the home.

Caller: I don’t want to give you that information until I see the home.

My response: That’s fine. You are under no obligation to do so.  However, it is our policy, and commitment to the seller, not to show properties unless or until we have proof that a prospective buyer has loan approval and the funds to make the purchase.

Caller: I’ll bring the letter with me and show it to you when I see the property.

My response: Do you have a pen and paper handy?  I’ll give you my email address. Send me a copy of your loan approval letter and proof of funds and we will schedule time to show the property.

Caller: My wife has the letter and she is out of town. I want to see the property today – this afternoon.

My response: You are welcome to find another agent to show you the property. However, most real estate professionals require a loan approval letter and proof of funds before they get in the car and drive across town to show property to someone who may or may not qualify to purchase the property.

Caller: What is your email address?  I’ll send you the letter.

Home sellers expect their home to be shown to qualified buyers not simply on display for anyone and everyone who wants to see it. After all – the home is for sale – it is not a museum.  A qualified buyer means someone who has talked with and/or met with a lender; provided the required documents; and receives a letter which states the amount and terms of the loan. The letter is dated, signed, and contains all of the lender’s contact information.

The bottom line: It does not matter if a property is my listing – traditional San Jose homes for sale or San Jose Short Sales … if a prospective home buyer does not have a loan approval letter and provide proof of funds there will be no property showings – NO EXCEPTIONS.

No Loan Approval Letter – No Proof of Funds: No Showings – No Exceptions – by Kathleen Daniels, San Jose Real Estate Agent



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