Fed announcement makes noise in the interest rate market!!!

The Fed announcement makes noise in the interest rate market. But beware, as usual, it may not have the impact that the headlines imply. We saw a drop yesterday and a move up today. Remember, the interest rate market is an open commodities market much like oil, gold, sugar etc.

The Feds can only impact the rate market by being an open market buyer of the commodity. At the same time they are printing money like never before and have to auction that off in a parallel market (thank goodness China is buying).

What does this mean to you? Rates are rates and that is all they are.

If you are looking to buy a Campbell ~ 95008 home you may be looking to establish a roof over your head and provide comfort and stability for your family.

If you are looking for Campbell ~ 95008 investment property then the appreciation that will come with the rebound in this historic downturn of our local market is what you may be after.

How much impact will rates have on either of these issues in the long run? If you want to discuss these issues or anything that impacts financing a Campbell ~ 95008 home, just give us a call. We are at your service.

Kathleen Daniels, Broker Realtor and Certified REO Specialist

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*Fed announcement makes noise in the interest rate market!!!*

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