When it comes to selling your home in a recession you need to consider all offers. The fact of the matter is that selling in a recession can be a difficult process. Buyers may send low ball offers to see if you bite. Even though you may have a number in mind, you should still consider all offers.
There is no reason to not consider all the offers that you get on your home. Even if it is not as high as you want, you may still want to accept an offer. After all, selling your home for a lower price than you wanted may be better than waiting around for something better to show up. While you are waiting for a better offer you still will have to pay your mortgage and taxes, so selling for less may actually work out better for you.
Overall, consider every offer you get when selling in a recession. You may not want to sell for a lower price, but considering it will not harm you. Who knows, your agent may be able to negotiate a selling price that you are ultimately very satisfied with even when selling in a recession.


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