Or maybe not so easy but certainly doable with patience.  

San Jose Home Sold

San Jose Home Buyers Challenge

Home buyers in San Jose and all over Silicon Valley are challenged in our current market with low inventory and rising home prices.  When my past clients from 5 years ago reached out to me asking if I could help them purchase a home in San Jose, I was excited to learn they were ready to be homeowners once again, yet they had no idea how challenging it would be to compete for a home in a sellers market. 

Weekend after weekend we set out to see all of the homes that matched their search criteria. They wrote offers on many homes only to be out-bid in multiple offer situations.  

One of their offers was finally accepted.  Their deposit was sent to the title company. Inspections were completed and the appraisal came back lower than their offer price.  The seller expected “buyers pay – buyers pay the difference”.  That does happen a lot in San Jose and Silicon Valley.  However, these buyers did not have that kind of cash laying around to ante up to meet the sellers demand.  Seller would not reduce the price which meant the buyers had to release the contract and go find another home. 

Patience is the Key to Home Buying in San Jose and Silicon Valley

And find another home they did! They found a better home for less money in the same community.  A full price offer was made and accepted.  The property appraised and within 30 days my clients were homeowners once again.  

It was a journey of approximately 4 months, hundreds of miles, many offers written, endless patience, and ultimately celebrating the day the buyers received the keys to their new home.  

The address and price of the home are intentionally omitted. Photos were taken by, and property of, Kathleen Daniels, Independent Broker in San Jose, who represented the buyers only on this property.  

Real Estate Agents Are Not Created Equal

Your home selling and home buying experience is only as good as the agent you hire to represent you. 

You may search homes for sale on my website. I strongly recommend that you hire an agent to represent you. Working with the listing agent means you do not get the representation you deserve.  The listing agent works for the seller.  

If you need to list your San Jose home for sale, or need to sell a probate home, let’s discuss my documented approach to listing homes and how my strategy brings top dollar for your home. I may be reached at my office 408.972.1822. If you prefer you may complete the contact form and we will connect with you within 24 hours.  

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