If you have abandoned homes in your San Jose neighborhood then you may want to take action!

San Jose Municipal Code 17.38 specifically requires property owners, and this includes banks/mortgage lenders of foreclosed homes, to maintain them in a manner that restricts unauthorized entry. In addition, property owners are also required to maintain the exterior of the structure and the yard areas to ensure that the property does not blight neighboring properties or the neighborhood. Property owners are required to paint over graffiti, maintain the landscaping and remove refuse/trash from the property. Failing to comply will result in the issuance of administrative citations that carry escalating fines in the amount of $250.00-$1,000.00 per violation.

Vacant homes that are not maintained have been declared to be a Public Nuisance. San Jose Code Enforcement recognizes that an abandoned home that is not secured is an attractive nuisance to transients, gang members and, in some cases, curious children.

If you observe a vacant home that is unsecured, please do not hesitate to contact the City of San Jose Code Enforcement Division at 277-4528, and a Code Enforcement Inspector will conduct an inspection within 24 hours. Code Enforcement will contact the property owner and order the home secured and, in some cases, may elect to immediately abate the nuisance by boarding points of entry.

This is a City wide concern. Contact the Code Enforcement Division if you observe a “neglected” vacant home.

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