Best Home Values in 2011 – San Jose is No. 1

A Forbes article published on January 24, 2011 indicates that the San Jose Real Estate market is on the rise and California is rebounding.

This is according to Local Market Monitor, a real estate research company in Cary, N.C. After “crunching the numbers” Local Market Monitor created a list of the best and worst cities for home values in 2011.

According to the research, the San Jose Real Estate market, in the San Jose (metropolitan area) is on the rise. The 12 month forecast for San Jose is a 3% increase.

According to Local Market Monitor’s President, Ingo Winzer: “We see a predictable pathway that home prices follow. If you know where in the cycle a market is, you can make some predictions about where it will go in the next one, two, three years.”

California has the most metropolitan areas on the Top 10 list and San Jose is No. 1!

If you are a San Jose home buyer and “waiting for the market to hit bottom” it appears San Jose metro has hit bottom! It’s time to get off the fence and make your San Jose home purchase before you wait yourself right out of the San Jose real estate market. As home prices increase and interest rates increase what was once affordable may now be out of your financial reach!

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