There are so many aspects of what I do managing my real estate business it would be a real challenge for me to isolate what I enjoy the most.  The one resounding theme in all of my real estate transactions is the joy and happiness clients experience when we have successfully listed and sold their home, or when a buyer closes on the purchase of their new home. Being instrumental in creating that experience brings me great joy and personal satisfaction in what I do.

All of my clients are incredibly special to me. Some transactions are more special than others in various ways for different reasons.  Sometimes the journey to home ownership is a long one. That may be due to a hot sellers’ market creating too much competition for buyers, or it could be due to time required for a buyer to pay down debt, improve credit scores, and/or save a little more money for their down payment.

First Time Home Buyers

First time home buyers are in a class of buyers all their own. No matter their circumstances, they are all as unique as each individual’s fingerprints. First time home buyers typically require a lot more time and a special dedication in working with them.  Understandably so because the entire home buying process is new to them! There is so much that needs to be explained and buyers must understand what they are getting into, the process, and all of the documents they are required to sign. Not only the purchase contract, but the loan documents as well.

Leaving the San Jose Bay Area

Some buyers discover that living in San Jose or the surrounding San Jose communities is not an option because they simply choose not to afford the price of many San Jose Homes.

Some buyers have the freedom and flexibility to move out of the bay area.  That is exactly what these buyers did.  They explored many areas outside of the bay area. The looked at resale options as well as new construction.  It was only a matter of time before they found the perfect home in the perfect area for them.

Buyer Representation on New Construction

It was so much fun for me to represent them in their new construction home. Many hours were spent discussing the contract, the process, how the builder credits work, how the lender credits worked, etc.

The one thing that most people fail to realize, acknowledge, recognize or understand is that the sales representatives in the new construction model homes work for the builder.  They do not necessarily represent the best interest of a buyer.  Many buyers feel they are being represented and feel they will get a better deal if they do not have a buyers’ agent.  That simply is not true. I’ve received countless calls over the years from buyers who were already in contract with a builder who reached out to me for help to late. Unfortunately, my hands are tied at that point.

Thankfully, these clients believed in me, and trusted me. And because of that, they were truly represented in the purchase of their new construction home.

Patience Pays Big Dividends When Buying a Home

Anyone who buys a home in today’s market will experience some stressful moments.  I warned these clients from day one that the home buying process requires patience.  It requires even more patience when their home is being built.

Patience paid a big dividend for these clients. It paid the big dividend of home ownership!

Clients Become Friends

These first time home buyers are over the moon happy in their new home. The benefit to me is that working so closely with clients, and spending so much time together, we really do get to know each other. Many of my clients become friends.  I had the honor of visiting these clients who invited me to visit them in their new home in the Sacramento area. I was invited for the weekend. Due to my time constraints I simply visited for the day.  I have an open invitation to visit them anytime. I truly enjoy spending time with them. I know I will visit them again. We definitely count each other as “friends”.

Independent Boutique Brokerage

It is my choice to manage an Independent Boutique Brokerage, KD Realty in San Jose.  I keep the size small by design so that I can provide the level and quality of service that I believe all buyers and sellers deserve. I do not sell 100 homes a year. If I did, I would not be able to provide the concierge services that my clients appreciate and enjoy.  My beliefs are what drive my business. It’s that simple.