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The most common and the most critical mistake a Blossom Valley 95123 home seller can make when selling their home is pricing their Blossom Valley home incorrectly! Naturally, Blossom Valley 95123 home sellers want to see how much they can get for their home. It’s understandable that a Blossom Valley 95123 home seller would “hope” that a Blossom Valley 95123 home buyer would pay a higher price for their Blossom Valley home – even higher than the current Blossom Valley 95123 market value.

Many Blossom Valley home sellers think “Lets list high and see what happens.” Listing higher than current Blossom Valley 95123 market values typically will result in “low-ball” offers or no offers at all.

We are presently in a Blossom Valley 95123 buyer’s market where price is a key attraction for Blossom Valley home buyers. A professional Realtor representing a Blossom Valley home buyer will research properties that meet their client’s criteria and determine if a home is over-priced. If a Blossom Valley home is over-priced, it may be overlooked altogether and “what happens” is a missed opportunity to capture a qualified and motivated Blossom Valley home buyer.

Many agents will simply price a home at the price the seller wants just to get the listing! Evidence of this fact is clear – simply look at the number of over-priced Blossom Valley homes on the market today and the number of corresponding Blossom Valley 95123 price reductions.

When pricing your Blossom Valley home be sure to look at and understand the data. You have heard it before – facts don’t lie! A real estate professional has access to recently sold comparable Blossom Valley homes which, of course, is critical information necessary to properly price your Blossom Valley home. Failing to accept or believe the data and see the market trends will undoubtedly cost a home seller thousands of dollars.

If you are confused about what your Blossom Valley home is worth request a market analysis from a San Jose ~ Blossom Valley real estate market specialist. Choose an expert who uses statistical facts and data to price your Blossom Valley home. If you truly want to sell your Blossom Valley home then you definitely want to price it right and hire a market specialist whose market knowledge and experience will hit the pricing target right on the money – YOUR money!

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