Almaden Valley Townhome – Short Sale Sold $525,000
1108 Trevino Terrace, San Jose, CA 95120
  • Submitted Short Sale Package to SunTrust on December 19, 2009
  • Two Loans – 1st with SunTrust; 2nd with Wells Fargo – SunTrust Servicer
  • Purchase Offer $460,000
  • SunTrust valuation came in at $580,000
  • Listing Agent disputed BPO Valuation
  • Short Sale Approved at $525,000 on June 15, 2010 = 6 months + 4 days
  • Trustee Sale postponed 3 times during process
  • Buyers’ loan funded on 6-29-2010
  • San Jose Almaden Valley Townhome closed 6-30-2010
  • 15 days in escrow – Buyer made the tax credit deadline
  • Kuddos to Buyers’ Agent and Buyers for sticking with the process
  • Buyers patience delivered big rewards – $55,000 less than SunTrust valuation
  • Buyers had their baby days before closing – Precious!
  • Sellers avoid foreclosure … Priceless!
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