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San Jose Homes Attraction – Mount Umunhum

Mount Umunhum
A well-known landmark in the bay area, Mount Umunhum shows evidence of the recent storm.

Residents of Almaden, Cambrian, Blossom Valley, Campbell and surrounding Silicon Valley communities may only appreciate the beautiful view of Mount Umunhum from the valley floor. The space is not open to the public due to environmental hazards such as asbestos and lead-based paint.  It is estimated that it will cost $11 million US dollars to clean up the base and make it available for public use.

At one time, Mount Umunhum was the site of the Almaden Air Force Station which at its peak was home to approximately 120 residents.  The MROSD (Midpeninsula Regional Open Space District) acquired the base in 1986 – now part of the Sierra Azul Open Space Preserve.?
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San Jose Homes for Sale … OR is your Listing Agent just too busy?

San Jose Home Sellers – How does your listing agent manage your home for sale?
My job and duty as a San Jose listing agent is to list and sell the property. If all I do is list the property and pray for someone to fax me an offer … then I have failed miserably at my job and my duty to the San Jose home sellers.

I will do whatever it takes to help a buyers’ agent get their clients’ offer to me so that I can present the offer to my client, the sellers. If a buyers’ agent wants to present an offer to me in person, I failed at my job representing the sellers if I tell the buyers’ agent to fax the offer, or email the offer because I am just too busy. I frequently hear this from listing agents.

If your listing agent is just too busy to spend 15 minutes to allow the buyers agent to present their buyers’ offer in person then you undoubtedly hired the wrong agent to list your San Jose home.

It would be arrogant, presumptuous and just plain lazy of me to assume anything about why the agent wants to present in person. Frankly, it does not matter. It’s an offer … and it is my job to do whatever it takes to receive all offers.

If your listing agent is just too busy to meet with a buyers’ agent in person to present their clients’ offer then you may quite possibly be missing the best offer ever!

San Jose Home Sellers: Can you afford to hire an agent who limits how they receive offers on your behalf?  Of course not!
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Berryessa Home for Sale – Previously Approved Short Sale

San Jose Short Sale Specialist
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Berryessa Home for Sale





Market Stats


Single Family Home
For Sale

Main Features

3 Bedrooms
3 Bathrooms
Interior: 1583 sqft
Lot: 5,663 sqft


1414 Donohue Drive
San Jose, CA 95131

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Listed by: Intero Real Estate – Kathleen Daniels

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Freddie Mac Short Sales Increase

According to Freddie Mac quarterly reports, Freddie Mac’s total losses were reported $84.4 Billion Dollars. The losses forced a directive from Freddie Mac’s conservator, the Federal Housing Finance Agency to de-list Freddie Mac’s and Fannie Mae’s common stock from the New York Stock Exchange.

Ed Haldeman, Freddie Mac’s CEO said the number of Freddie Mac short sales increased 600% from 2008 – the result of lenders and loan servicers focusing on work out solutions to help homeowners avoid foreclosure.

Haldeman said Freddie Mac is doing everything it can to prevent more foreclosures, and that short sales are becoming a favored alternative to foreclosure especially in situations where loan modifications failed and foreclosure is imminent.

When the Home Affordable Foreclosure Alternatives (HAFA) program takes hold, the numbers of short sales are expected to increase significantly. The Treasury Department launched the HAFA program in April 2010. HAFA provides cash incentives to servicers for conducting short sales and deeds-in-lieu of foreclosure. HAFA also provides qualifying homeowners with $3,000 cash incentive and more.

“Foreclosure alternatives like short sales and deeds-in-lieu help borrowers to avoid the stigma of foreclosure, shorten the waiting period before they can buy a new home, and may inflict less damage on their credit reports,” Haldeman said.

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Copyright © 2010, All Rights Reserved by Kathleen Daniels, Certified Short Sale Specialist, Certified HAFA Specialist, RDCPro *Freddie Mac Short Sales Increase*

Short Sale – Almaden Valley Townhome Sold

Almaden Valley Townhome – Short Sale Sold $525,000
1108 Trevino Terrace, San Jose, CA 95120

Submitted Short Sale Package to SunTrust on December 19, 2009
Two Loans – 1st with SunTrust; 2nd with Wells Fargo – SunTrust Servicer
Purchase Offer $460,000
SunTrust valuation came in at $580,000
Listing Agent disputed BPO Valuation
Short Sale Approved at $525,000 on June 15, 2010 = 6 months + 4 days
Trustee Sale postponed 3 times during process
Buyers’ loan funded on 6-29-2010
San Jose Almaden Valley Townhome closed 6-30-2010
15 days in escrow – Buyer made the tax credit deadline
Kuddos to Buyers’ Agent and Buyers for sticking with the process
Buyers patience delivered big rewards – $55,000 less than SunTrust valuation
Buyers had their baby days before closing – Precious!
Sellers avoid foreclosure … Priceless!

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